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Numbing cream for waxing

Waxing is one of a woman’s beauty regimens wherein pain is associated with. For centuries, waxing has been practiced by many women especially ancient Egyptians. They were actually the epitome of beauty and self caring. As the centuries passed, tattooing, piercing and waxing is still practiced.
Nowadays, a lot of products came from different active contents and usage. Waxing is somewhat still painful though for other s that is not knowledgeable enough. Numbing creams for became prevalent in order to address this concern from men and women. As a concerned manufacturer of numbing creams, the following information is provided to curious customers who are not familiar with the basic facts of waxing.

Waxing is the removal of hair from its roots. Basically, after waxing, it will take 1-3 weeks before the hair grows back again depending on the wax you used. There are many types of getting rid of your unwanted hair in the body which are shaving, sugaring or using chemical depilatory creams. Even permanent hair removal is now available entirely.

Types of waxing
• Eyebrow waxing
• Bikini, Male genital, & Hollywood/Brazilian waxing
• Leg waxing
• Arm/underarm waxing
• Back waxing
• Chest waxing
• Entire body wax

Dos and Don’ts of waxing

    1. Do wash your legs, armpits, back or chest with tepid water after waxing.
      Rationale: Tepid or warm to touch water will constrict your pores which helps in blocking the bacteria from entering your pores. Cold water will dilate your pores which bacteria can enter that leads to infection.
    2.  Do use a numbing cream to help you in the agonizing pain that waxing will give you.
    3. Don’t moisturize right before waxing.
    4. Don’t pull the hair every which way.
      Rationale: It will irritate your skin which leads to pimple like effect after.

5. Do put some baby powder after waxing.
    Rationale: It will calm your pores.

Numbing creams

Among the most popular numbing creams for waxing released in the market, Dr. Numb™ is the leading. Why? Because it has been proven many times to be effective, plus the fact that it is FDA approved. It contains 5% while the other brands contain less so pain is still felt.  Indeed, Dr. Numb™ is the best numbing cream for waxing.

If you are trying to wax your body at home and have extremely sensitive skin, there are several ways that you can numb your skin without a doctor’s care. All numbing creams, sprays and gels are not right for everyone, and if you have extremely sensitive skin, test the solution on the inside of your arm before using on your face or any other sensitive areas of the body. Checking out the product that works is surely the best way to avoid the pain that may be associated with cosmetic procedures such as eyebrow tweezing or hair waxing.


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