Numbing Cream For Blood Draw

There are effective numbing creams out there for people suffering from Needle-o-phobia. People suffering from a scare of needles stand to benefit from numbing creams. 

A number of people are reluctant to go to a clinic or a hospital for a medical treatment as they have a strong fear of needles or injections. But some treatments are intra muscular and intravenous and the needle cannot be avoided. For some treatments, the only way a correct diagnosis can be done is through a blood sample. A good numbing cream such as Dr Numb comes very handy at this stage; it eliminates the pain of the needle prick to an effective degree. The fear of needles can practically be eliminated by the use of Dr Numb.

1. A Breakthrough in Topical Anesthetics

Numbing creams are a major breakthrough in anesthetics and are often being recommended by doctors to patients. Dr Numb, for example, is completely safe and very effective in making painful procedures much more compatible and comfortable.

2. Useful In Drawing Blood

A good numbing cream can make the process of taking a blood sample very simple and hassle free. The nurse or the doctor asks the patient to apply the cream at least an hour before and then come to the clinic. When the needle is pierced to withdraw the blood, the patient does not feel a thing and can co-operate without any anxiety whatsoever.

3. How Does A Numbing Cream Work?

A popular and trusted product by like Dr Numb has an active chemical ingredient called Lidocaine. This releases a sodium radical on application that effectively numbs the nerve endings. The electric signal from the pain receptors is blocked and prevented from reaching the brain. Even after the blood sample is taken, the patient feels comfortable for the next three to four hours.

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