Numbing Cream for Fillers

Dermal Fillers are being commonly used to fill up thin lips, augment contours, mellow down facial line and improve the overall appearance of the face. Read ahead to know more about the best numbing cream for fillers you can find at a drug store or on the Internet.

Dermal Fillers are successful in restoring the lines of the face and manage to make it look young and full. Since it is classified as a minimal invasive procedure, there is a certain degree of pain involved for sure. A good numbing cream is often used before the procedure commences, in order to make the patient feel comfortable and relaxed. Let’s read more about the benefits of using a numbing cream during a dermal filler procedure.

1. The Ingredients in A Numbing Cream

A good numbing cream like Dr. Numb has the main active chemical lidocaine in it. For centuries, anesthetics have been using lidocaine for medical and dental procedures.

2. Lidocaine as a Pure Ingredient

The effectiveness of Lidocaine depends on its level of purity. The more refined it is, the more successful it will be.

3. How Does It Work

We feel pain when pain receptors are stimulated. These receptors are located at the nerve endings. The sodium enters the nerve endings and an electric signal is sent to the brain. The numbing cream blocks this signal and prevents the signal from reaching the brain.

4. Have a Pleasant Experience

Most people, who want to look younger, give up the thought of a dermal filler procedure, when they think of the pain involved. The flinching pain of needles can be unbearable for some. By using a reliable numbing cream like Dr. Numb, the option for looking young gets open for all.

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