Numbing cream for after birth

Labor and birth might be the turning points in the life of a woman, but they sure are extremely painful. At times, a woman may need to use a numbing cream after having delivered a baby.  

The process of child birth can be very painful and stressful. Some women experience great pain and others don’t. Patients who opt for an epidural are better off than those who don’t. But once the child is born, the aftermath is very traumatic and anxiety driven.

It is possible that the mother may have lost a lot of blood and therefore, feels very weak. She may also have had a tear and been given stitches. She might be in extreme discomfort that can make sitting down and getting up, and even going to the toilet an ordeal. A numbing cream is like a wave of relief during this period.

1. What’s The Actual Scenario?

Once the process of child birth is complete and the epidural wear off, the pain sets in. The lady bleeds and feels intense pain in private parts. She fears and detests any movement as it causes extreme discomfort.

2. What Can Help?

A numbing cream can be most helpful at this time. It will minimize the discomfort and make her feel comfortable and less conscious about her ordeal. Once the numbing cream like Dr Numb is applied over the target area, the numbing agent sets in and cuts down the pain considerably!

3. How Does The Numbing Cream Work?

Dr. Numb is a very popular numbing cream and is often prescribed by doctors to mothers who have just given birth. Lidocaine is the active element in this product at 5% concentration. Once the ointment is applied, the numbing sets in an hour and lasts for three to four hours at a stretch. The mother feels no burning sensation when using the toilet or when bleeding.

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