Numbing Cream for Arthritis

Topical anesthetics are now being commonly used for treatment of arthritis, in order to provide some relief to the patients. These over the counter products are providing the much needed comfort to patients suffering from arthritis. 

Numbing creams or topical anesthetics help in reducing the itching caused by regular poking of needles. The skin is numbed before the insertion and the patient does not feel a thing for many hours.

People suffering from arthritis have to take regular doses of steroids; they often complain of itching around the areas that are poked by the needle. Let’s read about how numbing creams can play an effective part in treatment of Arthritis.

1. How Do Numbing Creams Work?

Numbing creams like Dr. Numb can be used to numb the skin before the patient is administered any intramuscular shots and given any venipuncture treatments. However, in order for the cream to be fully effective it should be applied at least an hour before the actual procedure.

2. Effective In Needle Phobia

Numbing creams are a boon for people who have needle phobia. These people have a perpetual fear of needles and are reluctant to go for treatments that involve them. Most drugs and treatments for arthritis can only be administered by needles. Hence, a numbing cream can actually convince such people to consider the treatment and control any anxiety reaction that might follow.

3. What Does A Numbing Cream Do?

Numbing creams gels and patches work by releasing the sodium the lidocaine. The sodium blocks the electric signal of pain from travelling to the brain. The message from the pain receptors is blocked and the patient feels much more relaxed and in control.

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