Hoodia Formula ™ Ingredients

As you read in the list of ingredients in Hoodia Formula™, you’ll notice two things: We’ve kept it simple, and we’ve kept it natural. But most important, we’ve made it effective.

Hoodia Gordonii

Found deep in the Kalahari desert, Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant that looks like a small cactus. This strangely-shaped little plant has many relatives throughout the desert, but only one variety, Hoodia Gordonii, is known to have an effect on appetite and weight loss. There are no known side-effects from Hoodia, which has been studied scientifically for over 30 years. Most recently, Phytopharm has invested millions in isolating Hoodia’s active components.
For generations, the San Bushmen have eaten Hoodia to control both hunger and thirst as they roam the Kalahari desert. They would consume the raw plant over long desert journeys, allowing them to eat and drink almost nothing for hours and days at a time. And for generations, only the San people knew of Hoodia’s remarkable properties.
We only use 100% pure South African Hoodia from the Kalahari Desert in Hoodia Formula™ and are proud to display the certificates to prove it. Hoodia Formula™ is also the ONLY product in the market that contains FULL 1000MG active ingredient, which has been proven to be more effective than four other top products in the US. Please check out our certifications page for more details.

Other Ingredients

Hoodia Formula ™ does not contain sugar, starch, yeast, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Side Effects

To our knowledge, there are no known side effects to any of the ingredients in Hoodia Formula™. We urge you to check with your qualified health professional before taking any dietary supplement.
We also urge you to use this product in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise program.
Start on your Hoodia Formula ™ Program today, and you’ll soon see a real you reflected in your mirror. Click here to Order NOW and in no time at all, you’ll be seeing the results you’ve been dreaming of.


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