Dr. Numb Distributorship System - Earn Now! Be a Dr. Numb Distributor!

Are you sure that money you're earning with your current products is an absolute limit? Join Dr. Numb Tattoo distributorship program now and start earning the absolutely ridiculously high margins in the industry! Dr. Numb has invented an outstanding mechanism of customer support. We make sure that every order reaches the customer, and they're completely satisfied with it. We thought over the every bit of the distributorship program and what our distributors want, which in addition to the top numbing product that has been in research for more than 10 years on a single product.  For example, when you are approved to be a distributor, you will receive display boxes to put on the counter for your retailers or even your own shops which has been reported to increase 15 times higher conversion rate!

Set Prices Yourself!  Whatever that works for you, your retailers, and clients; You decide since we are giving you the best price!

DISCLAIMER: Customizing the prices is not applicable to Ebay and Amazon listings. The Minimum Advertised Program for Dr. Numb must be followed otherwise, the listings not adhering to the rules will be removed. Email support@drnumb.co to get the standard pricing structure of Dr. Numb for these websites.

Highest profit margins for the distributors in the industry!

Top reasons to become Dr.numb Distributor:

  • We're a well-known company with a good reputation
  • High sales conversion rates
  • Most competitive product pricing
  • Recurring Income - You earn on all orders from returning customers. And, yes, we have many returning customers!
  • We provide discounts on volumes, therefore you can succeed with us
  • Best designed, most professional looking website
  • Top Brand in the numbing cream industry
  • Prompt delivery of goods! And we can even dropship for you. You decide!
  • Our product is approved by FDA and Health Canada.
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Fast and accurate shipment of all orders via our automated fulfillment and distribution system

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Dr. Numb Customer Video Testimonials Buy Dr. Numb - The STRONGEST Numbing Cream for Tattoo Pain, Needles, Laser and Wax Treatments!

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Unit #61, 3552 W. 41st Ave.,
Vancouver, B.C,
Canada, V6N 4J9
Phone : 1-888-900-9774
Support : support@drnumb.co

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Dr. Numb is the most recommended numbing cream by tattoo artists and medical professionals worldwide. It is the safest brand of cream for numbing the skin before any dermal procedures. It contains a special formulation of topical anesthetic that has been tested in private laboratories. Dr. Numb is proven to provide painless tattoo, painless laser hair removal, painless waxing to a worldwide client base.
Dr. Numb contains lidocaine, the formula responsible for giving temporary numbing to the surface of the skin.
Dr. Numb is the only health-certified topical anesthetic numbing cream available. Use the dr numb coupon code: ALL15