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About Dr. Numb and Products

It is a sad fact that the medical community in many cases over looks the many benefits of nature medicine. We feel that that herbal and plant based medicines are for the most part far more important than man-made medicines in fact many of today’s medicines are derived from plants or are herbal based. Working with only the highest quality ingredients and the best supplier we have built a reputation for quality, reliability and outstanding customer service.

Natural remedies are always better!

Pharmaceutical corporations within the US pretty much control what doctors prescribe to you! It’s not actually your doctors opinion that is being expressed when they hand you out that little white slip of paper but more what the Pharmaceutical corporations want to profit off at the expense of your health. Doctors have been for years bullied into pushing completely unnatural synthetic drugs that carry a high risk of dangerous side effects to your body! These drugs only treat and mask symptoms however do not address the underlying cause of the disease giving you a false sense of security that you are in fact cured, this serves to only further the Pharmaceutical industries agenda to perpetuate their unnatural cures further.


Natural Medicines are the future!

Pharmaceutical corporations currently have a struggle hold on the medical profession, they tell perfectly qualified doctors what drugs to prescribe, samples to give out and pamphlets or booklets to stock in their offices. Indeed the influence of the Pharmaceutical establishment can never be underestimated, over ten years ago when the health food stores were booming and natural holistic remedies were starting to take root the FDA tried to prohibit every day consumers from buying natural supplements. The Pharmaceutical companies selfishly thought that it was such a threat to their “bottom line” that they lobbied the FDA, the same government body that allow cigarette to be sold, into action again the health food industry in an attempt to wipe out their competition. Luckily they failed however it clearly shows how far the Pharmaceutical industry will go to keep you sick so they can continue to profit off your misfortune.


Number one Herbal store on the net!

We are confident in saying that we are the number one herbal store on net! We use on the finest quality herbal ingredients, herbals that have been proven over thousands of years and used by ancient civilizations and cultures to promote health and vitality. Our staff has been carefully hand picked from all sectors of the health industry, being expects in their field they work hard and pay meticulous attention to the quality of our products. Before the launch of a new supplement out research and development team performs months of painstaking testing and checks so that we can guarantee you only the safest and best quality supplement to be find anywhere in the world.

Our company receives thousands of orders a week many from our large loyal customer base that we have built up over years by providing only the highest quality supplements and around the clock customer service. In fact we are so confident in the quality of products that we are willing to offer you a full 90 days money back guarantee on all our products making your purchase with us completely risk free.



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